• Web Design and Web Development Services

    Small Business Websites: For small businesses, and non-profit organizations we can set up a website for you so you can communicate to your employees, distributors, existing and future customers. An attractive content rich website is a perfect medium to reach out to your clients. It is a unique medium to promote your products and services. On the website you can disseminate contacts, products, pricing, your services, background and promotional information.

    Setting up your website consists of following steps:

  • Web Design

    Website Design:

    We will work with you to outline your business goals, your services and structure of your website. We will ask you questions and answer any relevant questions you might have. We will also be in contact with you throughout the development process to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Web Development

    Website Development:

    We will create initial website layout and ask for your input. With your agreement, we will then proceed and request for contents you wish to be on the website. If you do not have contents, or need additional contents like art work, photos, computer generated graphics etc, we can provide you with an additional cost. We will also create internal websites too with similar layout for additional contents like your services, completes jobs, satisfied customers etc.
  • Website Coding

    Website Coding:

    Based on the approved design, our programmers will code your website. Examples of coding languages are HTML and PHP but we do use other programming languages as well based on your requirements. Our coding is optimized for internet marketing and search engine placement. Optimized coding increases your website visibility online when your customers search your products or services you provide.
  • Installing

    Installing and Implementation:

    Once coding is completed, we will install website to your domain name servicer. If you do not have a domain name yet, we can certainly help you complete that process as well. We will provide you one month technical support to make sure website is installed and implemented correctly.
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