It all sounds good but how much it cost?
Our prices are very competitive. Just give us call or email us and will provide you prompt quotation
How long it takes to complete my website?
It depends on your requirement. Once you contact us, we will analyze your requirement and provide time required to complete your project. A standard eBay website can be completed in 4 to 5 working days. If you require more revisions, then it can take more time.
Can I use my new eBay Design out of eBay?
Yes, we can help you implement eBay design to other websites as well.
How can I use new design on current listings?
If you are using template base tool, then you can paste our template code into a new ad template. We will set up one template for you.
I have hundreds of items; can you help me upload all of them with new template?
Yes, we can help you upload your inventory with additional cost.
Are there any additional costs for eBay store.
No there are no monthly or maintenance fees that you have to pay us.
What does cross promotion tool do?
Cross promotion provides sellers complete control over what they want to promote. As a store seller, you can promote certain items and offer discounts. You encourage buyers to purchase additional items thus increasing your sale volume.
I do not know how to do cross promotion?
Our staff can show you step by step how you can increase you business by cross promotion.
What is listing frame?
Listing frame helps sellers pull elements like store category list and search box into all of their item description pages with few clicks.
There are three elements:
1. Breadcrumb
2. Listing Header
3. Left Navigation Bar
What elements can I customize?
You can customize following parts:
  • Store Logo Display
  • Search Box
  • Categories
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Breadcrumb
  • Other store Page Links
  • Add to Favorite Stores
How many Categories can I create?
You can create upto 300 categories, but most stores but most store sellers only need 20 to 40 categories.
Who can I send email to?
You can send email to anyone in your subscribed to your emailing list. You can use default contents for your marketing email and send periodic newsletters.
What is Markdown Manager?
Markdown Manager is a free eBay store feature available to eBay Store Sellers that allows them to discount the price of their items.
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